Insurance Fraud Puyallup, Seattle, Tacoma

Our claims investigators have decades of experience assisting in various types of insurance fraud. If you need the facts, we’ll get them. Whether your client is defending an auto accident, life insurance, FMLA, or malpractice claim, we will provide you with critical information in a timely report so that you can adjudicate your claim and move forward.

We have earned a reputation for unrivaled expertise in a wide range of areas, and bring experience in losses related to accidents, weather, water, fire, and warehouses. If a property suffered damage, liability, or economic loss, our investigators can thoroughly investigate and promptly assess complex situations.

Investigate Injuries and Damages

Our investigators can provide surveillance or recorded statements to determine if injuries are legitimate. If you need a background check, ours are comprehensive. If you need medical records, that’s no problem. If you need to investigate the scene of an accident or investigate digital assets, we have the tools and the skills to provide you with actionable evidence. 

McDonald & Associates has over twenty years of Insurance Investigation experience in Washington, Alaska, California, Arizona, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Nevada. Give us your questions. We’ll find the answers and provide detailed information and a comprehensive report to quickly and confidently adjudicate your claim. We have strong connections with many professional associations in the states we serve including the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Association, the Washington Self Insurers Association, the Arizona Self Insurers Association, and the California Self-Insurers Association among several others.

These associations strengthen our abilities to perform the work that we do and keep us up-to-date with best practices, technology, and conversations surrounding the issues that we address. 


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