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Recent Case Success Using Digital Forensics and Physical Tracking

For this emergency child abduction / locate case, McDonald & Associates used three investigators in the office and one out in the field searching for the child’s father and his vehicle from Pierce County to Seattle. Through our intensive investigation, which started at 1pm, she was returned unharmed that evening.

Key information about the abductor:
According to our client, the child’s father had assaulted the client the day before and had made threats that he would harm their daughter and kill our client. In addition to the threats, he was a known heroin and meth user and had stated he was going to take the child to a church in Sumner to have the “demons” exorcised from the child’s body.

Forensic Investigator Tools Used to Quickly Locate the Abductor

  • Background investigation into his friends and relatives
  • Forensically looked at metadata of photo he sent through Facebook Messenger to our client.
  • Used forensic metadata to determine the geolocation of where the photo was sent from.
  • Collaborative Investigation with in-office investigations and physical investigator on the ground tracking.

Are you worried about the safety of your child?

If you are concerned that your ex is not prioritizing the safety of your children, then our investigators here at Mcdonald & Associates can make sure that your ex is adhering to their custody agreement, and that they are not putting your child in any danger. 

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