Special Investigations

Our investigative services have been used for:

Fraud and Fatalities

We can assist in gathering facts to determine whether faulty equipment or safety protocols played a role in workplace accidents or fatalities.

Accident Scene Reconstruction

Similar to a recorded statement, our accident scene reconstruction will freeze the facts for possible litigation. Facts can “evolve” over time if left unchecked and our ability to collect and preserve information such as first responder records, onsite surveillance video, witness statements, written policy, past incidents, and recent inspections or product liability will ensure the accuracy of all relevant facts.

Suicide Determination

In suicide cases, victimology (the collection and assessment of all significant information as it relates to the victim and his or her lifestyle) becomes paramount in determining motive and intent. Through the use of digital forensics, background investigating, and social media profiling, we can aid in determining the factors leading up to an apparent suicide.

Copyright Infringement

Our experienced staff and state of the art technology can assist in determining whether the actions in question actually violated copyright law and who the violators are. Once these difficult and critical steps are complete, we will work with your legal team to compile the necessary evidence to determine damages and the next appropriate steps.

Circumstances aren’t always clear, and some require in-depth, long-term investigations. Whether its collecting and reconciling bank records, checking credit card transactions or examining travel itineraries, we provide a multi-faceted solution that reaches across state-lines, business entities, and government offices.

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