Domestic Investigations

Domestic investigation services include infidelity investigation, child custody, child support, background checks and more

Domestic, or civil investigations can provide information or evidence regarding many types of personal matters.

Marital Issues:

Many domestic investigations focus on infidelity and divorce. A private investigator may be able to provide a spouse with the evidence of infidelity, drug use, gambling, or other illegal/immoral activities. These findings can be utilized during the court proceedings.

Child Custody/Support:

Due to the contentious nature of many child custody cases, parents often seek information that can impact the custodial arrangement. Our private investigators perform surveillance to ensure that neglect or abuse is not taking place while the child is in the care of the other parent or caretaker.

Custodial investigations may also involve ensuring that the terms and conditions of the arrangement are being strictly adhered to. McDonald & Associates is able to assist by locating delinquent parents when child support is not being paid.


McDonald & Associates is able to perform thorough background checks and conduct surveillance on caregivers for children, seniors, and even pets. The surveillance and checks will ensure loved ones are being taken care of by the person they claim to be. Our investigators will provide this information in a manner consistent with your expectations.


Concerned about being stalked by an ex-lover, ex-spouse, co-worker or another individual? You can hire an experienced domestic investigative firm like McDonald & Associates to confirm your suspicions and gather evidence to share with the proper authorities.

domestic investigations, infidelity, marital issues
child custody, child support

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