Corporate Investigations

Numerous types of corporate investigations can take place depending on the challenges your business is facing. These can include simple due diligence during mergers or acquisitions, to embezzlement, industrial espionage, and the theft of real or intellectual property. Litigation as the result of employee misconduct costs employers billions of dollars and the success of these lawsuits is increasingly dependent on the quality of information obtained during the investigation. McDonald & Associates has decades of experience handling high-profile investigations and can provide corporations with clear, concise facts, actionable evidence and are well-versed in the defense of the information gathered during the course of the investigation. Below is a more comprehensive list of our corporate investigative services. Please click on the services below for additional information:

  • Fraud Investigations
  • Intellectual Property Enforcement & Investigation Services
  • Sabotage & Industrial Espionage
  • Employee Theft
  • Due Diligence Investigations and Witness Interviews
  • Litigation Support, Asset Searches and Service of Process
  • Employment Background Screening
  • Covert Surveillance & Closed-circuit Television Security Systems
  • Copyright Infringement


Fraud Investigations:

Occupational fraud investigations primarily focus on three specialized areas: Asset Misappropriations, Corruption, and Fraudulent Statements. With this being said, over 80% of occupational fraud involves asset misappropriations and cash is the targeted asset 90% of the time. Our experienced investigators implement our knowledge of business accounting, banking standards, and auditing methods coupled with our interviewing skill to evaluate complex transactions and investigate questionable business activities.

Intellectual Property Enforcement & Investigation Services:

Intellectual Property is property that results from the original creative thought as patents, copyright material, and trademarks. As the brand owners, you decide how, when, where, and how your intellectual property gets manufactured, distributed, and sold. The theft of this property has increased dramatically in recent years and victims can lose money and their reputation as the rightful brand owner and eventually even consumer faith. There can also be health and safety issues that arise from intellectual property theft.
Intellectual Property thieves will go to great lengths to steal ideas or smuggle their counterfeit or bootlegged goods to the market. As a brand owner, McDonald & Associates can assist you in protecting what’s rightfully yours by identifying the source of the theft and distribution channels as well as working with the appropriate law enforcement agencies to pursue full prosecution.

Sabotage & Industrial Espionage:

Industrial Espionage is a federal criminal offense as defined by the Economic Espionage Act of 1996. There are two main sections of the Act: 18 U.S.C. § 1831(a) criminalizes the theft of trade secrets to benefit a foreign power, company or individual; 18 U.S.C. § 1832 criminalizes domestic theft for commercial or economic purposes. The statutory penalties are slightly different, but both definitions are nearly identical.

The proliferation of e-commerce has led to more companies sharing their proprietary, confidential information through mediums that can increase the opportunities and likelihood for data breaches from hackers. Our experienced investigators have interviewed thousands of individuals and can help develop information regarding stolen client lists, formulas, recipes, and illegally copied data. In addition to the interview process, McDonald & Associates will also investigate servers and computers for unauthorized access to a company’s systems to generate a clear sense for how the intrusion occurred.

Employee Theft:

Employee theft investigations can be a very complex undertaking. However, according to the US Chamber of Commerce, employee theft costs American business $40 billion per year and is increasing at an alarming rate. When faced with those realities, employers cannot sit idly by sustaining rising losses making workplace investigations increasingly more important. Employers need to be more vigilant and steadfast than ever in order to create a culture of accountability within their workplace.
You need an experienced investigative firm to properly plan and execute a successful workplace investigation. McDonald & Associates will provide the necessary information so that employers know those involved, how it occurred, and most importantly, how to prevent something similar from happening in the future.

Due Diligence:

Performing due diligence is an important process before any merger, partnership, acquisition, or simply deciding whether to work with a particular vendor. The information contained in these reports will provide insight into the business and can help cater the details of your specific arrangement or even lead you to cancel it before it’s too late. Our seasoned research investigators help mitigate the inherent risks in today’s business climate!

Litigation Support, Asset Searches and Service of Process:

The success of many lawsuits comes down to the quality of the information developed during the course of an investigation. We work closely with our clients to cater our investigations to meet specific goals, provide actionable evidence and maintain budgets to maximize the return on investigative dollars being spent. In order to support litigation efforts, McDonald & Associates can assist with locates, interviews, background research, civil/criminal and medical records retrieval, process serving and more.

Employment Background Screening:

Mitigate risk by performing thorough background checks prior to making hiring decisions. Our background screening will provide a comprehensive look into civil/criminal records and develop a complete social media profile so that only the best candidates are hired for your open positions.

Covert Surveillance & Closed-circuit Television Security Systems:

A picture is worth a thousand words! Certainly you’ve heard the expression but how do you safely and effectively capture those images? The experts at McDonald & Associates can implement a number of different strategies to document the information you need. This can range from simple hidden cameras strategically placed within the workplace to unmanned vehicles with remote controlled cameras or teams of field agents undertaking mobile surveillance. Like most investigations, the planning and expertise is critical to success but nowhere is this truer than when attempting to record possible theft or fraudulent activity. Let the professionals at McDonald & Associates bring our considerable skill and resources to bear for you to get the answers and evidence you need!