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Insurance Fraud?

We have an equipped team of investigators with a wealth of experience in rooting out insurance fraud.
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Medical Records

Identifying past medical history can be a pivotal piece of information when adjudicating a claim. McDonald & Associates can obtain and summarize these records so the adjuster’s time is spent utilizing the information rather than looking for it!
child custody investigation

Child Custody

Child custody battles can be hard fought and many parents seek information that can impact the custodial arrangement. McDonald & Associates can assist in obtaining useful information as well as ensuring the terms and conditions of the arrangement are being adhered to.
corporate employee investigation


There’s a better way to find out what your employees are up to! McDonald & Associates can help alleviate or confirm suspected employee theft concerns.
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Infidelity Investigations

Are they cheating on you? We specialize in infidelity investigations.
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Whether the incident occurred on land, a vessel or anyplace in between, McDonald & Associates can help put the injured workers true capabilities on display so informed decisions regarding the claim can be made.

Private investigators — results you can trust

Our investigative experience speaks for itself. With an elite, veteran staff of private investigators, and a full range of services, McDonald & Associates is the region’s premier private investigative firm. Do you need assistance investigating fraudulent insurance claims, due diligence during a merger or acquisition, theft of real or proprietary property, or a more personal domestic investigation regarding marital or custodial issues? McDonald & Associates vast experience and well-trained private investigators can get you the answers and assurances you need.

Our clientele includes the largest law firms and aviation manufacturers, local professional sports teams, third-party administrators, governmental agencies, insurance companies, educational districts, and the occasional suspicious spouse. No matter the type of client we are working with, all receive the crucial, timely evidence they need to make sound, real-time decisions. Combined with our competitive rates, our clients receive maximized return on their investment—every time. It’s time to get results. Contact us to discuss your unique needs!

surveillance reports
Our goal is to use our experience and knowledge gained from our diverse clientele to assist employers in properly leveraging the information we obtain to maximize the return on their investment.
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McDonald & Associates has been successfully serving the worker’s compensation and insurance industries for over 25 years.
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Private Investigators serve California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Alaska, Idaho, and Montana.
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I am very happy to report that the department granted our request for a willful misrepresentation order for the time period 4/12/16 – 6/7/17 resulting in a total repayment order of $118,154.61.

This was a case where we all worked hard and got the best video possible to support our contentions.  I want to thank you and your private investigators for the great work and diligence!


He signed a settlement agreement for resignation instead of termination only!  That surveillance paid for itself!  🙂

Senior Leave and Disability Administrator

Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air

During a recent meeting, the doctor commented that the professional presentation and clarity of the video was instrumental in his ability to positively identify the claimant and observe/assess the movements of the injured body part. The doctor said that most surveillance video he’s watched in the past was so shaky, grainy, and of overall poor quality that it was of almost no value from his perspective.

Prosecuting Attorney, Civil Division

Hey Dan,

I just wanted to thank you for getting that surveillance set up in Spokane. Based on the on updates from our attorney, your guys did great work and got some more great footage!


Claims Representative I

Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.

I greatly appreciate that you mentioned her gait. So many investigators only mention the locations claimant went to without bothering to mention what they observed re physical activities / abilities, and of course it’s the physical abilities that we are interested in.

Thank you,

Claims Specialist