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Our private investigators serve customers with vigilance, integrity, and tenacity. Their extensive experience and longevity in the industry have given them the knowledge and skills to properly investigate claims, provide surveillance, and create clear, actionable reports so clients can move through the adjudication process quickly and efficiently. Just as important, McDonald & Associates boasts one of the highest retention rates in the business, so you can be confident that your investigator will be here to serve you—both now and in the future.

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Largest firm in the Northwest

As the largest private investigative firm in the northwest, we are fortunate to have a variety of skill sets to choose from when assigning investigators to cases. We understand that each client and case is unique and having the right investigator on a case can make all the difference for maximizing the return on investment. For example, we’ve had investigators at bars, concerts, posing for family portraits, as first time home buyers, honeymooners, or riding ATV’s while gathering information for a case. All of our investigators are very good but that doesn’t mean that all will excel in every situation. Some are going to be more comfortable and inconspicuous at a heavy metal concert or riding 4-wheelers than others, but knowing the investigators’ strengths and performing your due diligence before beginning cases maximize the potential of a successful investigation.

Brian McDonald – President, and Certified Trainer

Brian McDonald, the President of McDonald & Associates is a certified trainer with almost 40 years’ worth of experience in investigations. Our investigators are personally trained, certified, and constantly evaluated by Mr. McDonald to ensure all are meeting strict expectations and up to date on all of the latest laws, techniques, and technology. We do not subcontract out any of our work so you can expect the same quality and consistent approach every time we’re called upon.

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We are headquartered in Washington state and currently service private investigations in multiple states including Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and California.

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