McDonald & Associates is a subsidiary of McDonald Services, Inc., a fully licensed investigative firm that provides a wide range of services to a diverse clientele including self-insured employers, attorneys, TPAs, and governmental agencies. Our investigators are professional, self-motivated, discreet, and trained to work under limited supervision. They are also proficient at adapting their investigative activities into a concise report format, along with visual and documentary evidence when applicable. The results we deliver are unsurpassed in accuracy, timeliness, and resolve.

McDonald & Associates investigators pass all stringent state licensing requirements, and we have some of the longest employee retention in the business. This is an important detail to consider if there is a possibility of case contention. New techniques, problems, and solutions are discussed and shared amongst the agent group to broaden their knowledge. We do not out-source assignments to contract investigators or part-time entrepreneurs and use only our own licensed investigators when working in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, California, and Alaksa. Our quality of service can only be maintained by using employees trained to our premier standards.

McDonald & Associates maintains its own fleet of surveillance and point vehicles. This ensures that the right inconspicuous car or truck is used to blend into the time of day and the neighborhood. Equipped with the best tools available, our investigators use video, computers, and other state-of-the-art technology to search out the required information. All investigators have access to the most sophisticated and high-tech equipment necessary to achieve the best results to complete their assignment. Hand held video and still cameras, computers with continuous WIFI, and remote controlled surveillance devices are all available as needed. All evidence, including micro cassettes, videotapes, and still/digital photography, is retained indefinitely by McDonald & Associates, ready to be duplicated or transcribed for trial or BIIA.


We hope this information about McDonald & Associates investigations and the fine people that are available to serve is helpful and informative. This is important work and we take it very seriously.