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When we are given an assignment, once the scope of the assignment is clear with any information we need to get started, we launch a full background investigation. A background investigation helps determine an individual’s activities and behavioral patterns. We schedule surveillance around that information and focus on the times that we are most likely to gain the information we’re looking for. We confirm a claimant’s residence and monitor social media activities for inconsistencies. We check criminal records and check for licenses or other certifications. This helps us to get the best possible results.

When we begin surveillance, we submit real-time updates twice a day so that we can make the best decisions on how to proceed and with your best interests in mind. Within 48 hours of completing surveillance, short clips of video will become available. A full report will be created and video will be processed for client review.

Prior to the investigation

Before we begin an investigation, we need personal information about the claimant, including the claimant’s name, date of birth, social security number, address, photo, the time of the claimant’s work shift, information about upcoming appointments and why the investigation is being initiated. We’ll also ask if there have been any prior investigations and how much risk you are willing to accept during this investigation.

Outcomes of the investigation

During an investigation, we will be in communication with someone at your organization who can make decisions regarding the investigation. The goal of any investigation should be to eliminate illegal or harmful behavior. Other possible outcomes of these investigations can include creating a culture of accountability wherein the misuse of disability benefits is discouraged, reducing frivolous expenses by minimizing unnecessary surgeries and procedures, counseling or costs associated with retraining employees.

Reasonable expectations for an investigation

We’re often asked about the success rate of our surveillance. Our response is always the same: it depends on how you define success.

To us, a successful case is one in which we positively identify the claimant and record their activities for the amount of time that was agreed upon without incident. This does not mean that the activities we observe during surveillance will significantly impact the conclusion of the claim.

However, no company is better equipped and more prepared to assess the likelihood of surveillance success given the specific nature of your claim. McDonald & Associates will help you use all collected post-investigation information to maximize the return on your investment. Call (253) 539-0246 for a free consultation today.


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