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We offer services above and beyond the simple acquisition of information for Workers Compensation Claims. From delivering and reviewing film with the doctors, to consulting with examiners on how to take advantage of the information obtained, we go the extra mile to deliver the best possible return on money spent to investigate.

We have the right people, tools, and resources to provide the finest private investigative services in the industry. McDonald & Associates appreciates the potential costs associated with this type of claim and we work hard to uncover the facts of each case.

A private investigator can find out what really happened

When you need to know what really happened, you can count on our experienced private claims investigators to provide you with a timely, factual, and objective report that will allow you to promptly address your claim.

If you are worried about how to use the information we provide, we provide consultation for that. You are well within your rights to hire an investigator and our investigators follow the rules and regulations involved in this line of work. Rest assured, we will not perform any tasks that are illegal when we are investigating on your behalf.

Investigating fraudulent claims

Unfortunately, there are many who submit fraudulent claims in efforts to obtain funds from insurance companies and others. This kind of dishonest behavior can cost millions of dollars and back you into a corner. With the right information, you can address claims appropriately and avoid claims from people who seek to take advantage of your organization.

If you’re working with potentially fraudulent claims and you need help determining what to do next, call McDonald & Associates. We can get to the bottom of your issue by providing sound evidence to support or reject the claims that are sent your way.

Work with professionals who have over 30 years of experience investigating fraudulent claims.

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