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If you suspect something, let us investigate for you. Investigative work requires education and experience to be effective. With the right experience and the right education, our private investigators know where to look, when, how often, and what legal ramifications certain actions are likely to have. With several former police detectives on our team, our private investigative firm is equipped to handle any case, big or small. If you need video evidence, audio recordings, photographic evidence or behavior monitoring, we have the tools to get it done.

Investigate Questionable Behavior

A certain amount of insecurity is natural in any relationship. Humans have a built-in defense mechanism that watches for suspicious behavior. This natural suspicion has helped humans to survive predators and other would-be threats for many ages. Sometimes the suspicions we have are validated by partners who cheat on us or by employees who steal from the company. Sometimes abusive relationships leave clues in suspicious behavior, especially with children or seniors. In those cases, evidence becomes extremely important. If your loved ones are in danger of physical or emotional abuse, you must not waste any time. You need someone to investigate now. McDonald & Associates can help you determine if abuse is occurring and prevent further abuse.

Our Private Investigators Can Support Your Case

No matter what you suspect, we can get to the bottom of it. If any of these are the case, you will need evidence to do anything about it. At McDonald Services, our Seattle Detectives are professional private investigators delivering the best results.

We have some of the best and most experienced investigators you can find. If you have an important decision to make, call us today at (253) 539-0246 or visit our website for a free online consultation.

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