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Whenever a software platform performs an update, it’s important to read the small print. The private investigators at McDonald & Associates always suggest doing so, but often updates are made without knowing what kind of agreement is being made. There is no doubt that companies like Microsoft intend to protect all of their data. However, in order for them to do that, they first need data.

Read the Small Print

In essence, the Windows 10 Privacy Statement is a reflection of what computer programming has become. A section in the statement says, “We will access, disclose, and preserve personal data…” This data includes your content. The agreement explains that the content on your computer (including e-mails, other forms of private communication, files, and private folders) falls under this category. The purpose, in Microsoft’s reasoning, is to protect you from security breaches, but one may consider Microsoft’s uninvited access a form of breach…

Suggestions from Private Investigators In Seattle

When you upgrade your computer, you basically give Microsoft permission to load your system with software that gathers your personal data. In other words, you opt-in. The good news is that you can actually opt-out. The private investigators in Seattle say this is a good thing if you don’t want your computer to track all of the private activities you perform on your computer.

Opt-Out in Four Steps

There are four steps to follow in order to opt-out of Windows 10’s extra “bonus features.” Here they are:

Step 1 – Privacy Settings

Open the Settings section and click on Privacy. You will need to go through a total of 13 screens of options. You can disable just about anything that makes you nervous. Pay special attention to the General tab.

Step 2 – Cortana

Cortana is the voice-activated assistant on Windows 10. Unfortunately, Cortana does not appear to take the protection of your data as seriously as you might. The solution is to uninstall Cortana. Just get rid of it. 

Step 3 – Disable Ad Tracking

Visit Microsoft’s new Edge browser. Set both advertising options (personalized ads in this browser and personalized ads wherever I use my Microsoft account) to off. This stops Microsoft’s ad tracking features from tracking your actions.

Step 4 – Remove Your Account

To completely opt-out of Windows 10, you will need to remove your existing Microsoft account from Windows 10. Create a local account to use instead. What this does, according to the private investigators in Seattle, is stop Microsoft from grabbing your data and syncing it across machines.

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