Filing for divorce, Puyallup

If you intend to file for a divorce from your partner, you might want to do more than cite irreconcilable differences. Cases are more clear if you can provide substantial proof of misdeeds, infidelity, and incompatibility to approve the dissolution of marriage. Not just that, the proof you have may also determine what your alimony will be, as well as child support and custody. It’s important to know what the courts will look for. We have enough experience to know. 

A Private Investigator Provides Evidence

Gathering evidence can be hard to do alone, especially if you’re dealing with a volatile environment in your home. This is why you need the help of a Puyallup private investigator. McDonald & Associates’ private investigators in Puyallup WA can help you secure evidence of your spouse’s infidelity, gambling, illegal drug use, abuse, or other illegal or immoral activities that can negatively affect your relationship.

We Provide Evidence of Infidelity

Evidence is particularly important if you want to file for divorce on the basis of infidelity. The courts aren’t just going to believe you just because you said your partner is not faithful. They’ll need tangible evidence. If you need evidence, a private investigator at McDonald & Associates will take the case.

Our Puyallup detectives can help monitor their activities and provide surveillance, which may include photographs of questionable behavior, video evidence, audio recordings, or other descriptions of behavior that will help develop the big picture of what is really happening. Our private investigators will be able to get solid proof of their indiscretions and provide you with that evidence. Then, armed with that, you can actually have grounds for the divorce.

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