Investigate an employeee, background check

It’s important to hire honest people whom you can trust. In the hiring process, it is also important to investigate future candidates to be sure that they are honest people. This is usually called a background check. A background check is a type of research that can keep your company safe from dishonesty or other dangers. We check into a candidate’s past to find crimes or other behaviors that might affect your business negatively. If you are in a hiring process and need to investigate people, the best option is McDonald Services, Private Investigator Washington State.

Save time and effort by investigating with McDonald & Associates

We are the number one company for investigating potential candidates. We provide all the information you need to decide who would be the ideal employee for your company. We strive to provide the best results in the shortest amount of time so that you can make crucial decisions. 

Investigating crimes

We can also collect and locate evidence in the case that an employee has committed criminal acts against your company. We will find the clues that will help determine if a crime has been committed and by whom. Crimes can include sexual or physical assault, theft, property damage, vandalism, and more. All of the evidence we collect will be submitted to local legal authorities who can take the necessary legal actions to prevent further damages. 

How our private investigators work

Our private investigators know the laws and regulations that dictate what can and can’t be done in an investigation, so you can trust that our work will be legally sound. Call McDonald & Associates today at (253) 539-0246 for the information you need. Our investigators will continue their efforts until you are sufficiently satisfied with the evidence. 

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