Surveillance in Seattle, Private Investigator

At McDonald & Associates, we know a thing or two about being a private investigator in Seattle. McDonald & Associates is headquartered south of Seattle and over the past several years, we have experienced and been a part of, the growth of this diverse area. We pride ourselves on being a professional organization that provides a cost-effective service to aid clients in combating fraudulent and exaggerated claims.


The Challenges of Conducting Surveillance in Seattle

Each city and metropolitan area has a set of complications that make private investigative work a challenge. Seattle is no different, with a dense population and highly congested traffic.


Here are a few things that make surveillance in Seattle a challenge:

  • Very obstructed sightlines due to proximity of geographic features, large buildings, vehicles and even foot traffic
  • Large downtown area
  • Heavy traffic, busy intersections and closely spaced intersections and many freeway on-ramps
  • Heavy pedestrian traffic, buses, increased use of public transportation
  • Difficult to find parking
  • Frequent inclement weather
  • Increasing levels of construction

Often, several of these factors affect surveillance at the same time. Seattle has been growing rapidly for several years and the growing population means that larger crowds and more construction can be expected. It can also be expected that the larger the crowd is, the more difficult surveillance will become.


Seattle Private Investigators You Can Count On 

Our private investigators know the challenges of conducting surveillance in the Seattle area and have the necessary experience to make sure it’s done right: they know how to be in the right places at the right times to collect the right evidence. Our experienced team of private investigators can also provide you and your clients with:

  • Evidence of infidelity, drug use, gambling, or other illegal/immoral activities.
  • Surveillance footage ensuring that neglect or abuse is not taking place while the child is in the care of the other parent or caretaker.
  • Confirming that the terms and conditions of the parenting plan are being strictly adhered to.
  • Locating delinquent parents when child support is not being paid.
  • Thorough background checks and surveillance on caregivers for children, seniors, and even pets.

If any of these items are concerns to you, call McDonald & Associates today.


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