Medical Record Retrieval Services

Employers, Third Party Administrators and Attorneys utilize services like our medical record retrieval service when handling workers compensation claims. These records are useful to ensure the company is covering the appropriate part of the claim.

McDonald & Associates has a comprehensive list of providers

Having done this for over 20 years, we’ve developed a comprehensive list of providers that can be sorted based on types of treatment as well as geography. This ability to target our searches, along with the relationships we’ve developed with providers, significantly streamlines and expedites the process of receiving records.

Medical records reviewed to identify relevant information

In addition to simply retrieving records, we will also pour through these records to identify what is most relevant to your workers compensation claim so you don’t have to. You spend your time using the information rather than looking for it!

Third-Party Administrator: a separate company that a large employer may hire to handle the day-to-day adjudication of their worker’s compensation claims. The TPA will generally have the authority to hire out for services like independent medical exams, vocational counseling, or investigations

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Contact us our experienced team for assistance with Medical Record Retrieval. With the records provided, you’ll have the information you need for determining coverage for workers compensation claims.

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